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Evolution of Indian Cinema.

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Cinema is one of the largest industry in India, which also known as BOLLYWOOD. In this article, we will see how this Bollywood got an upgrade and enhanced its Technology, in every aspect. Aspects in the sense of, How Black and white films converted to colored films, How Theater Technology got evolved from 1st Indian movie to present era's movies and How films audio technologies got upgraded, etc.

This article will be in 3 Parts.


- Black & White Films to Colored.

Indian Film Industry has been commenced by Dadasaheb Phalke by Producing and Directed he's 1st movie in 1913 - Raja Harishchandra which was a silent film, It is often considered the first full-length Indian feature film.

From 1913 the journey of the film industry is started which is evergreen and popular Medium of entertainment. At that time picture was made with basic technologies like just normal video camera and some audio recording technologies as compared with today's era technologies which contain High Definition Cameras, Stereo Surround Sound, Highly Graphical Computers to edit movies, etc.

Primly Movies use to make in the black and white film as there was no colored camera also the editing of the film was handcrafted, like directors and editors literally use to cut and join the reel of film which was shot and with the same way, the audio was also was gets edited. Initially, there was no computer system used to edit movies.


How movies upgraded from Black and White to Colored movies.

From the beginning of time, we all know the Bollywood industry started with black and white movies, but there was a first movie Kisan Kanya in 1937, which was made with the colored feature film in INDIA. It was the first try to add colors in Bollywood movies, before Kisan Kanya, SAIRANDHRI produced a movie in 1933 which was an instance where the film got developed in multicolor. After trying and instance, finally, the industry got succeed when the director Moti B. Gidwani made Kisan Kanya using the cinecolor process.

Now Cinecolor is an earlier process of a subtractive color model like two color motion pictures, which is dependent on the prizma system of the 1910s & 1920s in that the multicolor system. Which was made by William T. Crispinel and Alan M. Gunelifinger.

Using of Technicolor.

In 1930s Movies, Movie makers claimed to be first color films, but they are not considered because of parameters of quality. The actual evolution in the color film industry commenced in the 1950s when technicolor film was introduced in India. There is one more huddle to clear that which was the first technicolor movie. Sources say that the movie AAN in which staring was Dilip Kumar was the first technicolor movie, also some of them appealed that JHANSI KI RANI was a first technicolor film who directed and produced by sohrab modi in 1953.

But if we check a fact in which JHANSI KI RANI was shot on the newer single technicolor strip instead of 3 strip products and that's why some of the experts believe that it was the first Technicolor movie. JHANSI KI RANI was Dint boomed on the box office at that time but on another hand MEHBOOB KHAN's AAN movie achieved success and it became a Historic pillar in the Indian film industry. As well as this movie also made an evolution for other movies like V. Shantaram's movie JHANAK JHANAK PAYAL BAAJE (1955) and NAVRANG (1959) also Mehboob Khan's movie MOTHER INDIA (1957)

After a successful run of Technicolor Movies, There are also other programs got raised in color film technics like EASTMANCOLOR and FUJICOLOR in which they also deal with colored film making.

But eventually, now color film technics are replaced with upgraded Digital Cinematography which shoots in color.

This is how BOLLYWOOD got upgrade from Black & White to Colored Movies.

Part 2 is will be posted soon, till then keep connected and stay tuned.

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