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Top Trending Technologies.

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

In this era of smart Technologies there is also a smart competition of technologies, so here are some Top Trending Technologies, which are expected to acquire a market soon with high

demand and some are already engaged the market.


RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

The creation of RPA machine is for machine learning. The term was firstly coined by ARTHUR SAMUEL in 1959. These technology is based on metaphorical robots i.e. Bots with artificial intelligence.

The program of action is automated to do task and commands is the back-end system process using API (Application Programming Interface) which is already coded by software developer. The same repeated task is monitored by RPA system and perform the automated task by repeating those action directly.

Some RPA Software are:

UiPath, Automation Edge, ANTstein, Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA, Platform, TruBot, BluePrism, XceleratorOne (X1) and Paanini (Jiffy.ai).

There are 250+ Companies how are using RPA technology like Accenture, IBM, TCS, Genpact etc.

Sectors of RPA are:

Customer Service, Supply chain Management, Accounting, Human Resources, Financial Service and Healthcare.

HA (Hyper Automation)

It deals with the application of advanced technology including artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase automation process and augment humans.

In general term we can say that it is mixture of an automation technologies that exist to augment and increase the level of human capability.

Hyper Automation is not a robotic automation but it’s an eco-system of technologically advanced tools and combine them to create a new way to work.

Software of RPA and HA are almost same and so many companies are used these technologies to enhance workforce, return of investment, creating unskilled employee base, Integrating software and process etc.


Blockchain is also known as Chains of Blocks, it stored the digital information in a public database. Blockchain are linked using cryptography methodology each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block.

The concept of Blockchain was invented by SATOSHI NAKAMOTO in 2008 to provide us the public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

It provides Distributed Data Storage, Hash Encryption, Consensus Mechanism and Immutability.

Some of Blockchain tools are:

Geth , Solidity, Mist, Remix, Blockchain Testnet etc.

Companies which using Blockchain are:

Intesa Sanpaolo, Barclays, HSBC Walmart, Ford, FDA , DHL etc.

Sectors of Blockchain are:

Government agency, Banking, Healthcare, Supply Chain Management etc.

3D Printing

It’s very advanced form of Printing by three dimensional object using various software, The term 3D Printing was introduced in 1986 by various organization by patent various form of Printing method.

3D Printing works in three steps:

a) Designing (Preparation).

b) Printing.

c) Finishing.

As per experts 3D Printing will rapidly increase in upcoming years as currently these technology used by various companies like.

3D System, Proto Lab, HP, SLM Solution Group, Nano Dimension, ExOne etc.

Sectors of 3D Printing are:

Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Electronics, Educational Purpose, Dental etc.

Big Data

The term Big Data mean collection of large amount of data, A data can be in any form of information, which are transmitted and stored.

Most of the companies are depend on Big Data analytics to gain huge information about their customers, like tracking of browsing data and many more.

Hadoop and Spark are most common framework used by various companies for solving big data Problem.

Companies which is widely using Big data are:

Amazon, American Express, Flipkart, Netflix, TCS, Google and many more.

Big data Sectors are:

Healthcare, Banking, Defense, Government Agency and many more.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

AR and VR both the technology are different from each other. AR use a live view digital element by using camera, it provides a fully immersive virtual experience rather than a VR it enhances the real world images, text and other information that are a display using VR such as Smartphones, Tablets, Smart Lens and many more.

VR are slightly opposite to AR. It is widely used in the world of gaming which is computer or machine generated reality it used in various organization to perform and practice their task in VR environment

Companies using AR and VR technology:

Google, facebook, Microsoft, NextNow, Itechart Group, Groove Jones, VR vision Inc., 4experience, Softengi and many more.

Sectors of AR and VR.

Gaming, Entertainment, Aerospace and Defense, Education, Manufacturing and many other sectors.

Some of other technologies are IOT, AI, Cloud Computing, I-app and Cyber-Security is also important to know, which is covered in Part 2, Click here to visit.

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