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Top Trending Technologies - Part 2

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As previously we are Discuss about various technologies such as RPA, HA, Blockchain, 3D printing, BigData and AR/VR. In this part we will cover IOT, AI, Cloud Computing, I-app and Cyber-Security.

IOT – Internet of Things.

The name itself mean Internet of things, to work on these technologies the user need to be connected to the internet each and every time without internet it’s impossible to perform the task. The IOT is the future of technologies and has already enabled in various devices such as Home Appliance, Automobiles, Healthcare and many more. We are at the initial phase of IOT in which we are already connected to 6 billion devices in worldwide and expected to increase by 20 – 25 billion connect device in 2020.

Some IOT software are:

Boomi, IOT smart product platform, IOT glue, infobip, Google Cloud etc.

IOT companies.

SAP, CISCO, Google, ScienceSoft, ARM, Vates and many more

IOT Sectors.

Healthcare, Transportation, V2X communication, Agriculture, Military Appliance etc.

AI – Artificial Intelligence.

AI is called as Machine intelligence because its intelligence is demonstrating by Machine the way its programming, Today Al play a Vital role in all round development and it is available in all sectors.

AI was existed even before the internet was introduced. As rapid development it’s impossible for human to perform such task so with the use they are programmed in such a manner that machine itself perfume those task at the time of instruction.

AI software are:

Deep Vision, IBM Watson, Cloud machine learning, Tensflow, Infosys nia and etc.

AI companies:

Open AI, DataRobot, Freenome, CloudMinds, Nauto, Zoox and many more.

AI Sectors

Healthcare technology, Biotech, Big Data, Financial technology, Machine Learning Software etc.

Cloud computing.

Cloud computing is also known as virtual storage of data which can be accessible and program on remote server, they are hosted or stored on internet instead of any physical storage such as smartphones, computer and memory cards etc.

Cloud computing is divided into 4 types IAAS (Infrastructure as a service), PAAS (Platform as a service), SAAS (Software as a service) and FAAS (Function as a service).

Cloud Computing software are:

AWS, Google Drive, AppDynamics, New Relic, Hyperic, ExoPrise, Aternity etc.

Cloud computing companies:

AWS, Google Cloud, IBM cloud, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Red Hat, Oracle Cloud etc.

Cloud computing Sectors:

Healthcare, Data storage, Financial, Cybersecurity, Construction, SaaS etc.


I-App is an intelligent application, it is a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence and some part of reinforcement learning. These apps are used to perform the complex operation that can be automated with continued stages.

Many companies are switch from native app to intelligent app because the app market is versatile technology changes that take place in a rapid manner.

I-App Application:

Chat bots, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Bots etc.

I-App Companies:

Oracle, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft etc.

I-App Sector:

Healthcare, Education, Food Business, Finance etc


In the modern age of technology every one of us are dependent on computer, software and various technology devices, due to these dependencies the rate of cyber-crime and cyber threats are increase in our day to day life. Cyber-security helps us to protect our data and network from unauthorized access using various techniques such as antivirus, anti-spyware, multiple firewall layers etc. Data theft can be huge loss to the organization so many companies are hired professional security experts to keep the data safe. As per many organization experts stated that the in future there will be huge demand for security experts.

Cyber-security Software:

Sitelock, Webtitan, Apptrana, Acunetix, Teramind etc.

Cyber-security companies:

Webroot, Wireshark, Intruder, Cisco, CyberArk, Hackerone, ScienceSoft etc.

Cyber-security sector

Healthcare, Military Intelligence, Banking, Education etc.

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